Como se hacen los torreznos de los bares

Como se hacen los torreznos de los bares
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Como se hacen los torreznos de los bares

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El Alto AlpedreteIn the mountains of Madrid you can also taste delicious torreznos. Good proof of this are the ones served at El Alto Alpedrete, a gastro space where tradition rules but with an innovative point of view. Their torreznos are the result of a long cooking at four temperatures that gives them an extraordinary sweetness. They are undoubtedly the kings of the appetizer, a dish that they recommend to take forming a tandem with the artichokes confit at low temperature, the contrast is spectacular. The contrast is spectacular. Where to try it? Avda. de los Canteros, 11. Alpedrete (Madrid).

TorcuatoIn the most popular street of Soria, El Collado, you will find this bar, a must if you visit the capital of torrezno. Theirs are not torreznos in the orthodox sense of the word but 'almitas', thin strips of bacon that are fried and incredibly crispy. Stacked one on top of the other on the plate, they become the most addictive snack to combat the cold weather in Soria. Where to find them? El Collado, 34. Soria.

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On the other hand, in the amateur category, the participants once again demonstrated their good work in the kitchen, preparing torreznos that can compete for the throne of the professionals.    Finally, the winner was Arancha Berzosa, from Fuentecantos, Soria. This Technician of Laboratory, has stood out for the use of a spectacular raw material, poached with care and that have been fried in frying pan of slow and slow form giving some Torreznos of elegant presence, of brilliant and golden crust, that crackles when being split with the knife and with a lean meat of perfect pink and with an ideal fatty touch.

6.- After 20 minutes (or when we see that the skin of the torreznos has already become the crust covered with bubbles), put on a high heat (5 in vitro) and turn the torreznos over to fry them well. About 10 minutes on each side or to taste.

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Los torreznos, un producto básico de las tapas de los bares en España, perdieron temporalmente su popularidad debido a su carácter altamente calórico[1]. Se elaboran con la parte exterior de las vísceras del cerdo, adobadas con sal y pimentón, curadas (o también ahumadas), y posteriormente fritas.[1][2] Asociados a Soria, los torreznos producidos allí tienen concedida una marca de garantía específica.[3] Ya en 2014 The Guardian describió los torreznos como "trozos de panceta de cerdo frita deliciosamente decadentes".[4][5][6]

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Casa Mortero breathes tradition, traditional dishes but with an updated touch, which makes it very difficult to choose any of them. Chef Pedro Gallego (a purebred Salamancan) gives us a menu where the spoon rules, but his stews are overshadowed by his torreznos (hyper crispy) Soria style with meneás potatoes and paprika majado. You can make a reservation right here.

The first impression is clear. Roostiq's torreznos look like a perfect, curved, elegant tile. A crunchy crust that "hides" the tender bacon underneath. Cut in very thin slices, these torreznos are among the best in Madrid not only for their final smoky flavor (they are usually paired with Champagne), but also because they are not fried, but baked. That's it. You can make a reservation right here.

Located in one of the most gastronomic streets of Madrid, the bar is high and the team of Restaurante Ponzano with Paco, its owner, at the head, has managed to position (and how!) their torreznos. A classic dish that they have managed to make the most of. They remove the rind from the bacon before cooking it, and fry it in its own bacon, keeping all the flavor. You can make a reservation right here.